Eliminate Harmful Soda From Your Diet

Love the Fizz and Sugar of Soda??
-Swap out your Coke, Sprite or Mountain Dew with this
Nu-Enhance Recipe:
-Roll the Nu-Enhance Tablet on your tongue, wait for it to dissolve
-Cut 4 lemon and 4 lime slices
-muddle the fruit slices in a large glass
-add Club Soda
-add ice cubes per personal preference.
Add Straw and Enjoy!

Health Benefits of Quitting Soda and Diet Soda

1.) You Eat Less, Particularly Sweets
-Artificial sweeteners affect our sense of satiety.
“Our bodies have evolutionary developed to expect a large amount of calories when we take in something exceedingly sweet, and those artificial sweeteners are from 400 to 8,000 times sweeter than sugar.
It causes a couple things to happen: The muscles in your stomach are relaxed so you can take in food and hormones are released. With artificial sweeteners, your body says, “Wait a minute, you told me you were going to give me all this high calorie food.” It can actually send some people searching for more food out of lack of satisfaction.”
Isabel Smith, MS RD DNC of Isabel Smith Nutrition

2.) You Lose Weight
Even though diet drinks are calorie-free, they cause insulin to be released in your gut because their artificial sweeteners are sweet, like sugar and that actually prevents weight loss
Insulin is your body’s primary fat storage hormone, so it will have the body hold onto any extra fat.

3.) You Improve Your Immune System
Artificial sweeteners may affect our healthy gut bacteria, which can affect our healthy gut bacteria, which can affect everything from blood-sugar control to weight management to disease- how our immune system works and how our body responds to infection.

4.) You Stop Your Bones From Breaking Down
The caramel color in soda contains an artificially created phosphorus that can be bad for long-term bone- health.
Phosphorus is a natural chemical found in foods like beans and grains, but the mutant variety found in dark soda is like a dinner guest who refuses to leave.
Your body doesn’t have the choice whether to absorb it or excrete it, so it can cause calcium to leach out of your bones.

5.) You have more energy
Drinking too much caffeine can make you dehydrated and it can overstimulate the nervous system making you fatigued and exhausted.
Caffeine causes big highs and lows.
There is way more energy for our bodies in real food than in processed foods, when people cut back on processed items, they often look for more fresh foods and make better choices. By giving up soda, it may seem like you’re making one change, but it can actually change a couple aspects of your lifestyle for the better.

Are you ready to give up soda and improve your life???

Nu-Enhance can help!